Art & Craft Kits

Creative Celebrations By Art with Anna

  • We’ll pack up the art party per person and drop-off to your doorstep (free delivery in Bexley, or free studio pickup)
  • $15/kit, min 0f 10 artists
  • Fairy/frog house kit includes:
    • paintable fairy/frog house
    • paint + brush
    • exciting embellishments + glue
    • paintable wooden “person” + wings
    • tips + tricks for students
    • tips for adult set-up procedure
    • printed step-by-step tutorial
  • You will need to provide (with the project above in mind):
    • Scissors for the table, table coverings, paper towels, water + cups, and plate or paper for mixing – keeping your cost very low!
  • Let’s discuss how I can make your celebration creative as well as low maintenance.

Cheers! XO, Anna