Corporate Team Building

Creative Team Building

Whether it’s a project kickoff, an executive retreat, or a year-end party, AWA offers a unique way to inspire your company’s creative and collaborative side. We travel to the location of your choice and provide all art supplies.

Typical Event (structured just like a Private Wine Your Art Out)

  • Minimum of $400
  • Or, eight artists – $50/artist
  • 11×14 canvases painted by each artist to take home for themselves.
  • About 2 hours of art instruction/painting.
  • See which art could work for your company

Canvas Mural

  • Minimum of $400
  • Canvases painted by each artist to hang together in your office
  • About 45 mins-60 mins of art instruction depending on canvas/team size.
  • Art choices are to the right. We can always find the right choice for your team.

Collaborative Canvas

  • One large canvas for your office decor!
  • Great for mingling time during socializing – drinking – dining.
  • Less teaching, everyone just does a small portion of a canvas.
  • 1 hour of a professional artist to explain the project and execute with each artist painting a small portion.
  • Final depends on canvas size
  • Minimum of $400
  • Which art? Kandinsky’s Circles is the best choice! But if you don’t like this, we can discuss it. Just ask.

Or make it MOBILE! We’ll come to you.

  • $25 travel fee in Columbus
  • $40 travel fee outside Columbus

Team Building Corporate Events will typically be taught by one of our wonderful Team Art with Anna Teachers.
**To request ANNA herself, will be an additional $100. please email to check availability.