Why Art with Anna?

At Art With Anna of Columbus, Ohio, we strive to create an artistic space where you and your child feel safe and free to be just exactly who you are. No matter how old, kids (and adults) know precisely what they like – and we’re here to support that creative mind and encourage the wild imagination (that sometimes even the best parents doesn’t understand). Never will we reject this beauty.

You should understand when your kids come to AWA; they may not come home with art that compares to Picasso. (Yet, at times they will!) The process of making art is what is of importance here.

Did your kiddo love every second? Good! Did they make new friends and are begging for a play date after art class? Yeah! Did they leave with more paint on their hands and face than on their project? Oh well! The point is: your kid made it, they learned something new, their confidence grew, and they will understand (if they don’t already) the necessity to make art a part of their lives forever.

But for those kids that <em>really </em>want to be better drawers, those who are craving to learn new painting techniques, Art With Anna is also for you. Our classes and projects are aligned with Ohio’s curriculum. The inclusion of present and classic artists, education of proper skills, and foundations and principles of art education are not lost. We may not be as structured as a school classroom, but the message is still the same: “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint” (Edward Hopper). We know the importance of art education.

Maybe you’re thinking your child would thrive better in a private setting? Let’s do it. We’ll find you a perfect time and scenario.

Homeschooling? I mean, mom and dad can’t be perfect at everything! Let’s talk about how to get those art credits, while truly learning and connecting in an artistic space.

Adults, don’t feel left out in this. The necessity to live a healthy life may be pulling at your heart strings. If so, get on in here and practice what you preach.

Why Art With Anna? Because life is about believing in something. It’s about waking up everyday and doing what you love, trying your hardest to touch peoples’ lives, and about being a better person.

We all want connection. Art is a tangible way to connect with yourself; your heart, brain, your relationships, and most importantly, connecting with what is inside you: I call it, soul.

Come see for yourself.