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Art With Anna strives to be your ultimate creative escape while creating an artistic space where you + your child feel free to be exactly who you are. Between youth + adult art classes, workshops, parties, events, + camps – you’ll be sure to find something creative for the entire family. Beginning in November 2020, we no longer have a brick & mortar studio, we have pivoted once again and become mobile! Art with Anna van-Goh meets you where you are, literally and figuratively.

Our products and services are tailored to the boutique business mindset. We don’t leave guests with just a product, but also a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. We provide this unique experience by cultivating the return to childlike wonderment + bravery that lives inside every single one of us. A creative life = a healthy life.

Let Go of the Illusion

Life Lessons

We’re Going Mobile!

Life Lessons

Let go of the illusion that it could have been any different. 🖤☯️

This life IS our life: pre, post, and in each wave of the pandemic. I’m finished mourning what I thought life should be and make this the best possible. Insert YOLO?

Little by little, I’ve been telling friends. Little by little, they’ve been telling friends.

My lease at Art with Anna is up this Fall. A pandemic teaches you things if you let it. One of these things is that a building (though be it filled with my blood, sweat, and tears) doesn’t get to define my work.

I am finally allowing myself to do what I’ve always dreamed of, the deep-down dreams you don’t share. It was my dream to open a studio for kids. It was my dream to teach adults. It was my dream to hold parties. It was my dream to start painting again. It was my dream to move into 420 N Cassady Ave. It was my dream to work with a fantastic team so that I could have babies. It was my dream to hold my own art show. It was my dream to have an artist website. Now, I have another dream. The next evolution of Art with Anna has begun to unfold. Ready to paint this picture with me?

• I’ve got myself a big ole white van so we can roll to your neighborhood & setup where you please.
• I’ve got myself partners with indoor space to use for classes & parties.
• I’ve got myself an amazing architect, builder, and branding duo.
• I’ve got myself a building permit.
• I’ve got myself an excavator in the backyard that began digging a hole for foundation today.

My ’all for me’ art studio is being built in my B A C K Y A R D. Here; I’ll do private lessons, art coaching, alllllllll the abstract painting, online teaching, live streaming, art videos, writing, and more and more dreaming.

AWA is not shutting down; we’re evolving, we’re learning, we’re smarter and more efficient. We’re supporting other businesses; we’re extending our reach, we’re daring to dream in 3D.

Oddly, Rebel Artist was planned in Jan and titled in Feb. Re-titled in May, Rebel Artist Revolution // an evolution in a revolution will be my second (and final) solo art show at AWA. Sept 25!! Sad? A little. Excited? A lot.

You still with me? Then let’s roll! 🚐⚡️